Sedona Marathon Series: Best Places to Eat during Race Weekend

Time for another Sedona Marathon Series post! Here are the links to some of my older Sedona posts:

You all know I'm Northern Arizona, and specifically Sedona, obsessed. In prep for the 2018 Sedona Marathon this coming FEBRUARY (register now before the January 3rd price increase!), I wanted to share a bit more about my favorite places to eat while you're in town for the race. 

My mom and I ate here last year on a whim and OH MY GOSH. You have to try the chicken pot pie. Enough said. Consider this proper carb loading the night before the race. 

This honestly isn't anything special but I LOVE their beer. Make sure you get a burger with onion rings and Nut Brown Ale to go along with it. This makes the perfect post-race meal. 

M took me here one year for my birthday and while it's a little nicer than most places on this list, it's delicious. 

Ok, this isn't technically in Sedona but I promise it's worth the short drive to Flagstaff. This is my favorite pizza in the world (and, yes, I have been to Italy). Caleb and his staff will take great care of you. Be sure to try the house-made gelato!

All images via Yelp.


Aftershokz Air: The Perfect Gift!

Disclaimer: I received a pair of Aftershokz Air Wireless Headphones to review as part of being a BibRave Pro. Learn more about becoming a BibRave Pro (ambassador), and check out BibRave.com to review find and write race reviews!

Does anyone remember when I ran the United Relay? It was sponsored by Aftershokz and because I participated, I got a free pair of Trekz Titanium headphones. WELL, they have a new Air version that I just finished trying out for the last few weeks. The verdict still stands that these are my all-time favorite running product.

Trekz Air uses bone conduction technology, meaning you wear the headphones on the outside of your ears. This is great for safety because you can still hear everything going on around you while listening to your favorite tunes, podcast, or audiobook. I almost always run to something, so having headphones that are practical and safe are necessary. In addition, I have tiny ears and in-ear headphones almost always bother my ears, especially on long runs.

My other favorite feature of these new Trekz Air wireless headphones are how lightweight they are. The regular Trekz Titanium are already so light, I was amazed that the Airs could be any lighter. According to their website, the Airs are 20% lighter! I haven't noticed a compromise in the quality or battery life as a result either, which is awesome.

These would make the perfect holiday gift for your favorite runner, walker, hiker, etc. I even use my headphones around the house sometimes! I promise whoever is the recipient will LOVE these.


Why You Should Run the 2017 St. Louis Hot Chocolate Race

Last year I ran the 2016 Hot Chocolate 5K in St. Louis, Missouri. It was my first time participating in a Hot Chocolate race and it was such a blast. This year I'm attempting the 15K (wish me luck, my return to running postpartum has been rough). I really enjoyed last year's race so I thought I would tell you all why you should run it this year!

1. CHOCOLATE. I mean, duh. This race isn't called the "Hot Chocolate" race for nothing. Expect a total chocolate overload. Seriously.

2. ACCESIBILITY. The race was super accessible considering it's in downtown St. Louis. The parking was well organized (though there was a lack of information about that on the website) and they did a great job corralling so many people.

3. SWAG. The zip-up hoodies from last year were my favorite and I wear mine all the time!

Something to remember: there is no packet pickup on race morning, so be sure to have your packet mailed, or make arrangements to attend the expo.

You can check out my full review from last year HERE.

Use the code BRHCSTL17 for bonus Hot Chocolate race swag!