Life: An Update

Hi friends. It has been a while, hasn't it? I know I've been somewhat present in this space, but not the kind of present I'd like to be. So, I figured maybe I'd do a bit of a life update.

Blog: The future of my blog is still uncertain. I don't imagine ever shutting it down as I'd like the living record to survive. However, I'd like you all to know that I'm no longer working with BibRave, which means your feed will no longer be bombarded with running-related content. I'm grateful to all of you who have stuck around this space through the years.

Family: Well, I have an almost 7 month old (on the 20th). I cannot believe how fast these 7 months have gone. Asa is the happiest baby and we are just enamored with him every single day. He still isn't the best sleeper, but we love him nonetheless. He has two teeth and is very close to crawling. If you're a friend or family member, you can catch updates on our family here.

Marriage: Adjusting to a new baby isn't exactly easy, especially when you add in a lack of sleep to the equation. I feel like Matt and I are finally getting into a new rhythm with everything. We recently started working through this study together and it has been great to refocus on our marriage.

School: Well, I am officially halfway through my fifth year as a PhD student. What?! We finally have an end date in sight and now know when we will be moving away from Missouri, we just won't know where for quite a while. This is all thanks to a grant I recently obtained. So grateful.

Faith: After Asa was born, I understandably fell out of reading my bible and spending time with God. I'm trying to be more intentional about both of these now and (of course) have noticed a huge difference since doing so.

Fitness: Well, running hasn't really been much of a thing. I had a hard time coming back postpartum, and now it is winter, so... FAIL. However, I have gotten back to hot yoga 1-2 times a week and it has been lovely. I got some new gear for Christmas which was just the motivation I needed. I hope to get back on my bike again soon when the whether is a bit more tolerable. I have a race coming up next month so pray for me.

Travel: In the last few months we have traveled to Arizona and Vermont. 2018 is already looking packed and includes a few trips to Arizona, an Alaskan cruise, and trips to San Diego, Tampa, Michigan, and Wisconsin (so far).

As we look towards 2018, what kind of content would you all like to see? I hope to be returning to this space more regularly with content that actually matters.  

I'd love to hear a bit about what you've been up to lately. Leave me a comment below!

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