Traveling with Babies: Our Hacks

Ok... yes, this is another one of those posts about traveling with kids. BUT, these kinds of posts have been so helpful to Matt and I as we have learned how to travel with Asa. He will be 8 months next week and so far we have visited Kansas City, St. Louis, Arizona (x2), Vermont, and a few other local places that are within a day's drive. 

We obviously are not experts, but there are some hacks I have learned along the way that I really think are lifesavers and I wanted to share them with you all. 

1. PACIFIER CLIPS. All the pacifier clips. My sister in law recommended this to me and it has SAVED us. Especially on flights, we attach Asa's toys to pacifier clips so he cannot repeatedly throw them on the ground or at the people sitting next to us. Some you can even clip to the tray table, depending on the type. You can get pacifier clips pretty cheap online, we have these and love them. 

2. CAR SEAT CART. We bought a used Graco cart that we loved. Since Asa wasn't using a stroller yet, we just pushed him around in this at our location. It was also great to not have to carry the car seat and we were able to load our bags on top of it since we carried him in the Ergo anyways (see next point).

3. ERGO. While we had the cars seat and cart, I just carried Asa in the Ergo. I fear this time is coming to an end because he is getting so wiggly, but it was much easier to get through security this way. 

4. UMBRELLA STROLLER. Now that Asa is getting bigger and doesn't want to sit in his car seat, we got this J is for Jeep umbrella stroller through Wikibuy* (here). While it means we now have to carry the car seat, we usually just check it at baggage claim anyways.  This stroller is light and easy to take just about anywhere.

5. SNACKS AND FOOD POUCHES. My kid is constantly eating. We're obviously related. We love teething wafers (like these) and food pouches (these, for example) that are easy to eat on the go and require minimal clean-up!

What travel hacks have been your lifesaver? 

*Wikibuy did send us this stroller for free in exchange for mentioning them in this post. However, all opinions are my own, and this is a product that was on our "to-purchase" list anyways. Wikibuy simply helps you find the best price for the product you're interested in purchasing.

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