Hi, I'm Cassie but I answer to a variety of names including Cass and Sassy Cassie. I'm a full-time graduate student by day and blogger by night. I was married in 2014 to this great bearded dude I met in 2011. We welcomed our first son in June of 2017. Our house is a zoo between our two cats, Helo and Florence, and our dog, Aspen. We currently live in the Midwest but we are faithful west-coasters and hope to get back west as soon as I finish graduate school.

Sage is a personal lifestyle blog where I document my various passions including my faith (I'm a former atheist saved in 2012), marriagefitness and social justice. Despite the fact that I call this a "lifestyle blog," I don't fit neatly into that mold. I'm not good at crafting, my house doesn't have fresh flowers in it, and I refused to drink a Pumpkin Spice Latte, which pretty much makes me an outcast in the blogging world.

Despite those shortcomings, I have a heart for community, which I hope will not take you long to realize if you stick around this space for a little while. Although I'm an introvert through and through (INFJ!), Jesus makes it possible for me to live my life with intentionality and for that I am infinitely grateful. I would love to get to know you better and learn how I can invest in you personally.

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