10 Gut Busting Supplements for Winter Resilience

As the autumn progresses, the immune system seems to mirror the falling leaves and go into a kind of slow decline, at least in my case. I tend to feel heavier and less sprightly, as well as mental foggy and ready to crawl into my warm cave and hunker down till spring thaws.

Well, given that the world unfortunately doesn’t allow for that, I tend to boost my immune system (and my mood) with the best I can find.

Here are my recommendations.

Homemade Eldeberry Syrup

Pick as many of these nourishing dark purple berries as you can (leaving some for the birds of course) and cook them gently with ginger, cloves and a sprig or two of thyme. While warm mix in as much honey as you need and then drink in small quantities whenever a cold approaches. My kids love this stuff

Marine Phytoplankton

I love this stuff because it’s a pure wholefood and also considered to be the most nutritionally powerful substance in the whole natural world. That’s quite the claim! I tend to have a spoonful of this powder, which really seems me through my tiredest days like nothing else.


Grate some fresh turmeric in oat milk or other nut milk, add some honey and you have a very delicious drink which happens to offer incredibly immune boosting properties. The anti inflammatory properties of curcurmurin are well documented and I make sure to have some most days when the snow is falling.

Nano Zinc

We all know that zinc is a potent supportive supplement for the immune system. Well, now there’s a way to get it in nano form! This means it’s smaller than anything you can imagine and hence much easier for our bodies to absorb. My friend Susanne Wolf told me about these groundbreaking mineral supplements last fall and I haven’t looked back. Nano Zinc comes in a liquid or handy spray, I take both.

Chaga Powder

Medicinal mushrooms seem to be having a real day in the sun at the moment, and for good reason. Mushrooms contain compounds and properties which are unique in the natural world. I’ve tried and like lot of them including reishi, maitake, turkey tail and more but chaga is the one I come back to. A spoonful of chaga by mouth as soon as you feel off kilter and I guarantee you your immune system will receive the gift with a hearty thank you. I also (don’t tell) sneak this stuff into soft bake cookies i give my kids and they love them!